Have Fun. Make Money.

We are looking for good people to help make sure we can maintain the high quality of service we've built our reputation on.
To fit into our team you must be dependable. Absolutely rock solid do-what-it-takes-no-matter-what dependable.
You must be self-motivated. If your personality is a good fit and you have the drive to be the best you can be, we can train you to be a good DJ or photo booth operator no matter how little experience you have.
We are currently seeking both DJ trainees and people to setup and run portable photo booths--you can apply to do either or both.
Our home office is currently in southwest Iowa, however we were based in Ames for 20+ years and maintain staff, equipment, and clients in central Iowa. Due to the nature of our business (doing events at locations that can vary widely) and widespread adoption of video meeting tools, as long as you are in central or southwest Iowa your exact location is less important than being a good fit for the position.
Think you have what it takes? Detailed info and online application links can be found below.

Mobile DJ Performer

Simply put, you get paid to help people have fun.
We start you out participating in our regular training meetings and assisting on other events with experienced staff. When you're ready, we let you run your own shows.

Play music, make announcements, and run lighting for school dances, college parties, and wedding receptions
Coordinate and verify event planning details with client
Prepare and check music and equipment prior to events
Drive to and from event site
Set up and tear down lighting and sound equipment

Generally available to work Saturday nights (flexible scheduling; we generally coordinate work dates and time off well in advance)
Must have valid driver's license
Physically able to lift 50 pounds and be on feet continuously for 4-6 hours
High character (reliable, honest, trustworthy)
Strong work ethic with desire to continually learn and improve
Must pass criminal background check Must be eligible to be legally employed in the United States

Helpful Attributes (not required)
Prior performance experience (theater, vocal/instrumental music, speech, etc.)
General knowledge of popular music over the past 50 years
Clean driving record
Intentions to be in area for at least two years
General computer/audio technical knowledge

Typically $15/hr starting upon completion of training; periodic pay increases based on tenure and merit. If you show up and apply yourself you should be making $18-20/hr relatively quickly.

To Apply

Click Here to Complete Online DJ / MC Job Application

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Photo Booth Operator / Attendant

As a photo booth operator, your role during the event is to assist guests in using the booth--providing instruction and answering questions--and helping put together the scrapbook of photo booth pictures and messages from the guests. This means plenty of personal interaction with all types of guests, so an outgoing personality is even more valuable than in the DJ role.
You're also responsible for setting up the photo booth before the event and taking it down afterward--so the same physical requirements apply for this as the DJ position. Experience in photography (specifically with regard to lighting techniques and how to set a proper exposure) is also quite valuable--although that is something that can be taught provided you're interested and want to learn about it.

Assist guests/students in using photo booth and ensure everyone has a good time
Drive to and from event site
Set up and tear down photo booth
Assist in assembling photo booth scrapbook
Change media in photo printers when it runs out

Available to work Friday/Saturday nights
Valid driver's license
Physically able to lift 50 pounds and be on feet continuously for 4-6 hours
Desire to be the best
Outgoing/helpful/positive personality

Non-required positive attributes
Prior photography experience (beyond your camera phone or point-and-shoot camera set to "auto")
Understanding of photographic lighting and setting proper exposure (affects of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO)
Clean driving record
Intentions to be in the area for at least two years
General computer technical knowledge

$15/hr once trained; periodic increases based on tenure and merit

To Apply

Click Here To Complete Photo Booth Attendant Online Job Application

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