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Steve's Mobile Music was founded in July of 2000 when Steve, having helped organize school dances at his small southwest Iowa high school, saw an opportunity to provide a vastly superior service--and have a lot of fun in the process.

The business continued to grow throughout Steve's college years at Iowa State University, expanding to two DJ systems in the fall of 2003, adding karaoke capabilities in 2004, and music video DJing and karaoke rentals in 2005. Upon graduation in May 2005 Steve accepted a full-time engineering position in Ames, however Steve's Mobile Music continued to prosper, with sales doubling from 2005 to 2006.

In February 2007, Steve cut back to part-time at his engineering job in order to pursue the DJ business with full steam, and added two additional DJ systems through the summer and fall. Steve's first photo booth came online in late 2009, and being one of the first few companies in Iowa offering both DJ and photo booth services drove a lot of they company's growth in the early 2010s. From humble beginnings buying a sound system on his mom's credit card and utilizing the employee discount at his summer job to buy steel pipe to make lighting tripods (more like boat anchors), Steve's Mobile Music has transformed into an efficient four-system operation performing at approximately 100 events each year.

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Toll-Free 877-DJ-STEVE
2425 Quince Ave
Corning, IA 50841
Staff based in Des Moines and Southwest Iowa
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