Large Scale Confetti Launch / Confetti Drops

What is a Confetti Launch?

A confetti launch uses high powered blowers to direct large amounts of airborne confetti over the dancing crowd. Unlike C02 confetti launch systems, this creates a sustained effect over the course of several minutes--not a few seconds. Confetti launches of this nature do not require rigging anything to the ceiling and can provide a big, end-of-the-night, "finale" in venues where attaching to the ceiling is not possible or practical.

For events where noise from blowers would be undesireable, we are also able to rig confetti overhead for a "drop" type of effect. In this scenario, the higher the ceiling the longer the confetti will take to reach the ground and the farther it will spread out.

The confetti we use is designed for maximum air time, is color-fast and flame retardant.

What Can I Use a Confetti Launch or Confetti DropFor?

  • Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal, or other school dances  The confetti launch is usually performed near the end of the dance--this builds energy to that point and encourages students to stay to the end.

  • School Pep Rallies  Confetti launched or dropped as team enters pep rally, or onto student audience at the end.

  • Prom or Homecoming Coronation, other awards ceremonies  Confetti on/around winners as they are announced.

  • New Year's Eve  Confetti launch at midnight.

Questions about adding a confetti effect to your next prom, homecoming, or other school dance? Call or email today!

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